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Government Model S.M. Senior Secondary School Indora (Kangra) HP


School Fees & other Charges:-

1. Tuition fees and other funds will be charged for 12 months. 
2. Fees and other charges will be paid on dates fixed by the office each class as notified from time to time. Payment of dues after the expiry of the scheduled date will incur a fine as prescribed by the education department H.P.Those failing to make payment of their dues within ten days after the expiry of the scheduled date will be struck off the rolls of the school but can obtain re-admission if the Principal so desires. 
FEES & FUNDS ANNUAL CHARGES :-                
 Admission Fee                                                    Rs. 10-00            
 Re-admission fee                                                Rs. 10-00               
 School Leaving Certificate                                  Rs. 5-00               
  Late Admission Fee    Next 7 days                     Rs. 10-00                 
Tuition fee (only for boys)                                    Rs. 15-00 per month                
 Late fee fine                                                         Rs.                 
Examination conduct fee                                       Rs. 100-00 P.A.               
 Magazine fee                                                        Rs. 40/-                 
Library deposit (Refundable)                                 Rs. 30-00 P.A.                 
Identity card cum Library fee                                  Rs. 10-00 P.A.                
 Sports Donation                                                     Rs. 30-00                 
Furniture repair fund                                               Rs. 5-00                 
Cultural Activity Fund                                              Rs. 5-00 
Amalgamated Funds                                               Rs. 15-00 P.M.                 
Building Funds                                                         Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
Absence Fine per Period                                          Rs. 1-00               
  Max Absence Fine per day                                     Rs. 9-00 per day             
    Scout & Guide  Fund                                            Rs. 3-00 P.M.                 
Sports Funds                                                             Rs. 3-00 P.M.      
SCIENCE FUND:-                
 (a) Physics                                                                 Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
(b) Chemistry                                                               Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
(c) Biology                                                                   Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
(d) Geography                                                            Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
(e) Physical Education                                                Rs. 10-00 P.M.                 
Absence from House Test                              Rs. 25-00 Per Paper / Per Practical  
    Absence from Practicals                                              Rs. 2-00               
  Fine for late return                                                Rs. 1-00 Per day of Library Books