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Government Model S.M. Senior Secondary School Indora (Kangra) HP

Activities 2018-19


our school NSS students celebrated world Enviornment Day by making posters and taking out a proccession in Indora bazrar. Shudents shouted slogans for public awarness about enviornment. The NSS incharge Mr. Satpal Ms Rekha Katoch alongwith other staff members Ajay Kumar Lecturer in  Physics . Dalbir Singh TGT Arts guided the event.

Students Participated in State Level Independence Day Function

The state level independence day (15th August 2018) was celebrated at Indpur tehsil Indora this year in which our school NSS unit participated under the captainship of Miss Mansi. Our Hon’ble CM Jai Ram Thakur inspected the prade and audience cheered their participation.

Honouring Gandharav for his selection in MBBS course

Mr. Gandharav was selected in MBBS course in Chamba Medical College and he was honoured by all staff members for his achievement

Our Director Sh. Amarjeet Sharma

We welcomed our Director Sir when he visited here to participate in State level independence day function

Organized District Level Tournament

Our School hosted U-19 Boys District level Tournament w.e.f. 5-7 Sept 2018 in which 655 players of district participated in four games namely volleyball, kabaddi, Kho-Kho and badminton

राजकीय आदर्श एस एम वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक पाठशाला इंदौरा में जिला स्तरीय अंडर-19 पुरुष वर्ग कि खेलों का समापन हुआ इन खेलों में ओवराल विजेता इंदौरा क्षेत्र रहा इंदौरा क्षेत्र ने रेसलिंग का ओवराल  व कबड्डी का खिताब जीता कबड्डी में कांगड़ा क्षेत्र उपविजेता रहा वॉलीबॉल में जसवां परागपुर क्षेत्र विजेता व फतेहपुर क्षेत्र उपविजेता रहा बैडमिंटन में देहरा क्षेत्र विजेता व नगरोटा बगवां उप विजेता रहा खो खो में नगरोटा बगवां विजेता व देहरा उपविजेता रहा इन खेलों का समापन प्रधानाचार्य अनिल कटोच ने किया उन्होंने जिला भर से आई टीमों के विजेताओं को व उप विजेताओं को ट्रॉफी और इनाम बांटे तथा क्षेत्रवासियों को अध्यापकों का धन्यवाद किया जिनके अथक प्रयासों से यह आयोजन शांतिपूर्वक संपन्न हुआ इस अवसर पर  ए डि पि ओ जगदिश कुमार प्रधानाचार्य अनिल कटोच रशपाल गुलेरिया एसएमसी प्रधान रोशन लाल डॉक्टर अशोक कुमार प्रवक्ता मोहन शर्मा रत्नेश्वर सलारिया गुरविंदर पठानिया शारीरिक प्रवक्ता नरेंद्र राणा राजेंद्र पाल नवीन कुमार सौरव कटोच सुरेंद्र कुमार वासुदेव अजय कुमार  सतपाल शर्मा बलवीर कटोच रतनचंद आदि उपस्थित रहे

Inspiring Players

Mr Abjishek and Karan won Gold medal in  State level weightlifting championship.while Mr Chandan won silver medal They were honured by the school principal Sh Anil Katoch Ji

Election Literacy campaign

our school in collaboration with election department on 28 october  organized an election literacy program in which students were told about the election process. The students learned and enjoyed many activities and games about it.

Video conference with expert from Rajasthan in which students interacted on Biology subject

Awarness program about anti drugs by a media channel in collaboration with school anti drugs club in November 2018

Weight Lifting team of HP alongwith H’onble MLA Reeta Dhiman Ji before leaving to Andhra Pradesh for participating in National weightlifting Championship

our worthy Dy. Director of Higher Education Dharamshala visited our school and interacted with DDO’s of Indora Block on Jal Shakti Abhiyan of Government on 21-08-2019