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Government Model S.M. Senior Secondary School Indora (Kangra) HP


Inspiring students to build confidance


 it is an attempt to appreciate students (individual or collaborative work) in any field which may inspire other students to follow. they are motivated to do participate in as many activities as possible to learn through activities and display their best before others. to 

Rangoli Art in Science

our senior secondary students, working in teams, presented vernier caliper, cyclotron and lines of forces with the help of colored wooden powder in a rangoli style. it reflects the creativity by children where they applied the art of rangoli making in science.

Fine Art work

All this drawing work is done by Kanupriya 10+2 NM Student. Her drawings are so perfect that hardly anybody can resist himself from appriciating her. It is her hobby and she does this work in her leisure. Her amaging skill is that she can make pencil sketch of any body by just going through his photograph within hour.

SAARC Flags Drawings Activity:-

This activity of exposure about SAARC Countries to students was taken up in August 2017 in collaboration with Md Shahneog a teacher (connecting classrooms-British council) from Bangladesh